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Over the course of the next few years heat pumps will become more energy cost competitive, with promised heavy government taxation on heat sources that burn fossil fuels.

Prior to installing a heat pump, an up to date EPC must be completed as well as a heat loss calculation. It is important to ensure the correct size of system is installed, so a full room-by-room heat loss calculations are necessary. This calculation will account for the size of the rooms, the insulation levels of both the walls and windows, as well as the height of the rooms.

The calculation brings together the amount of space that needs heating, along with the building’s materials and their capability to reduce heat loss from the property (u-values). In addition, other variables, such as air change rates, orientation, glazed areas and solar gain, expected comfort temperatures, and the lowest temperature expected in winter for that area are considered.

We Can provide Surveys for both ground source & air source heat pump installations and are carried out to the highest non-invasive standard.

A full technical installation report can also be provided, to include heat pump location, cylinder location, ground loop requirements and proposed locations of new pipe runs where relevant.

Any size and type of building can be surveyed, for both domestic and non-domestic installations.

All heat loss calculations are carried out to the latest revision of MCS standards, producing room by room calculated heat losses, as well as underfloor heating & radiator outputs/sizes required.

Our tailored reports detail all required information for full MCS compliance, greatly reducing the administrative burden on your staff.